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Douglas Riddle
Douglas Riddle
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Interesting turn of an A4V event!

Hi All!!!
Happy and Peacful New Year to all.
Just updating that in late November we sent an AFV back to a state tax agency for over $18,000. On Dec 28th we received a letter that said exactly this. "The information you sent indicates payment was made to the Internal Revenue Service rather than to ________State.
If you find that your payment was cashed by the IRS in error, you may  call them at ..... and request a refund of your payment."

Upon reviewing our AFV we did put Deposit to United States Treasury and charge same to ..... but did not make payable to the state agency (or any other entity)

Well, I guess that pretty much sums it up. My state tax agency would like for me to make the AFV payable to them!! Not a problem. Will update when the account is settled - or whatever other present they would like to send me.
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Subject: [RedemptionByMethod ] THANKS TO DOUG!!! A4V - Success
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Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 7:15 PM

Another success for the A4V. I used exactly what Doug posted on his site paying property tax bill and it got cleared in 2 weeks. Now, I dont owe any property tax. I went online and it says that its paid.

Thanks Doug and God Bless you and I do hope that you wont get tired helping and assisting others.

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Magic Feb 28 10:34AM -0800 ^

Thanks for sharing.

After watching your success I decided to check the statues of my Property Tax bill that I AV'd back in December. To my Surprise it said Account paid in Full with a zero balance on my 2009 Property Tax. So it does work. It shows that my bill was paid on 2/23/2009 for
$1939.00. I called a friend to verify that my eyes were not deceiving me. This was the first A4V I ever sent in. This one went to Covington, KY. They received it on Dec 21, 2009. So im thinking 60-70 days for A4V to work. This was my original bill with coffee stains and all. I only sent one bill certified mail and remained patient.
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Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 16:21:45 -0800 (PST)
From: Ron <heavens

Glorious News Finally!!!  I now have success with Doug's version of the AFV being sent to the IRS.  On January 12th I sent out 8 bills to the IRS, DC location and so far my Cell Phone bill was paid.  Posted  was $156.19 payed.  I've checked some of the others and they're still not paid yet.  Also, on January 12th I sent to the IRS Ogden location 2 bills AFV another cell phone bill which was paid $137.31.  The other, a home phone bill, has not yet been  paid.  On January 25, 2010 I sent to IRS DC location a gas/electric bill and %355.81 was paid.  This is comforting, spectacular and joyous for me.  It is faith building.  It is
working.  I hope all the big bills are paid soon.  Thanks Doug.  Many blessings.
This was sent to me by Char at HJRbonds from another AFV success


Hi Char,

I stopped receiving love letters from the boys @ about the 3 month mark after doing the AFV responses.
Prior to the 3 month mark I was receiving (on average) 1 certified letter from the boys a month. The letters from the boys began coming to me years ago. I answered each and every letter they sent within a 72hr window.

Over the years (2003-2009) the boys garnished my wages and placed a notice of lien in the county records (Dallas county).
After they garnished my wages I filed bk7 to get them off my back. The bk7 worked for a short time.
Then the letters began again. I was exhausted and stressed at this point and hired an attorney.

The attorney I hired filed an appeal with the irs appeals board. This was useless and I began receiving letters from the appeals board stating "your position is frivilous". The position the boys referred to was the position the attorney placed before them on my behalf. Go figure!?
The attorney sent me love letters as well, stating I owed them more money (around $2000) on top of the $4000 I gave them.
The attorney also said they could set up a payment plan
with the boys @ around 500.00 a month for the next 10 years or so. (The boys claimed I owed between 50-60k).    
The attorney was useless so I fired him. I was shocked when the attorney's secretary called me to tell me they were forgiving the $2000 I still owed them. I still havent figured out why other than maybe it had something to do with the fact that I told him "I have a family member (me using the AFV) that is going to handle my irs issues aggressively from this point forward".
After getting rid of the dead weight I was able to focus on the AFV process. I was relentless with the AFV.

I also sent the appeals board a letter stating the account had been settled and closed.
I just recently received a letter from the Appeals board whereby they acknowledged receiving the letter I sent them telling them account had been settled and closed. (I sent Ogden and the appeals board the same letter) The appeals board claimed the account was not closed and satisfied. I will be responding to their most recent letter with another AFV. I will be sending the love back to them! Poor things, they just don't know any better! "Bless their hearts!

I used all 3 addresses each time I responded, meaning each letter I received from the boys I would make 3 copies , stamp each letter AFV and send 1 copy to each address. Some of the responses I used the stamp technology (as the postmaster), some I did not. Some of the letters I hand wrote AFV verbage and some I printed the verbage. I followed your recommendations and mirrored Doug's (the "methis" man) process.

Background... I filed tax returns with the 1041 (trust) form beginning 2001 through and up to 2008.
                  The attorney refiled all those years using the 1040 form.

All I can say is I tried all the "things" I could think of to make them (the boys) go away and leave me in peace. Nothing worked until the AFV. It was hard or difficult to actually realize I was experiencing relief and peace until about the 3 month mark. I was so keyed up and tense that I expected more stuff (crap/love) to come down the pipe from the boys. Each time I responded with AFV to their letters, their letters slowed until the letters stopped.

Does it work? I have to say YES!!!!!!!!! 

I did all mine in 3's (Responded w/in 72hrs, with 3 copies to 3 addresses, DC., Utah & Kentucky) 

So far so good!!!

BTW, I have a buddy that has had the same successes I have had.

You have my permission to shorten this email as you see fit and share it or not share it.

Thanks for all you have done with your calls, your guidance and expertise! 

Thank you HJR!!

D in Dallas